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Colour: Green/Green shakes together as Green


Keynote:Change and new growth.  Connection to nature


Chakra: Heart 

Main Theme: Helps to make decisions. Called the "Go Hug A Tree" bottle. There is the possibility to recognize the abundance that nature offers us. A new place and a new space.


Dominant Characteristics: A person who gives space for growth to himself and others. This person has a heartfelt concern about all situations in life. The recognition of what needs to be done. A person who is honest and truly independent and in harmony with fate. Can bring creative ideas and impulses into reality. Possesses a deep connection to nature.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Occupied excessively with the past and the future; withdraws intellectually, is "spaced out". Does not have both feet on the ground. Does not create the necessary space and resources or perspectives for him or herself. Is not in synchronicity with the rhythms of nature and life. Does not understand why spiritual development is necessary.


Spiritual Level: Can help to bring a sense of calm and peace, allowing the individual to find their vision.


Mental Level: Brings clarity to mental disturbances. Provides peace in the conscious and in the depths. Empathy for others.


Emotional Level: Can be helpful in the search for a new space, a new perspective. A possibility for a the person to find the ability to stand on his or her feet again - a new beginning, a new direction. All of the emotional side of life.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area.


Affirmation: I create the space that I may do what needs to be done. 


Distinctive Qualities: Part of the expanded Chakra Set. Fourth Chakra, Heart-Chakra.

B10 Go Hug A Tree

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