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Colour: Olive Green/Deep Magenta, shakes together as Deep Magenta


Keynote: O-live.  The hope within us is rescued in the face of difficulty. 


Chakra: not yet defined

Samael has been described as the most beautiful of Archangels. Many of the Archangels are said to have six wings. Samael, like Metatron, is said to have twelve. He is also known as the most prominent "Angel of Death" and is attributed to Mars.

Traditionally, his attributions are the Tower. In Aura-Soma, however, we have the bottle number sixteen, Violet/Violet and the Archangel Michael, Equilibrium, B94, Pale Blue/Pale Yellow.

The birth of Samael began to come into materialization on the afternoon of Tuesday, 11th September 2001. The attribution of the Tower seems more than appropriate. Maybe we need to re-evaluate all beliefs and ideals again in the light of new understanding, as this is what the Tower calls upon us to do, not to judge but to allow things to be as they are.

Rudolf Steiner and others proposed that Samael ruled the earth prior to the Archangel Gabriel, from 1190-1510 A.D. During his reign, many rulers and leaders were overthrown. Samael is also attributed to Mars, often thought of as a planet signifying war and conflict. If we go to the essence of the present energy of Mars, then it could also be the possibility of further awakening; of finding the discipline to do what we know is necessary for our development.

The Deep Olive over the Deep Magenta: the first time the Deep Olive has been born in the Aura-Soma range. Here it is with "love from above" with the deep magenta from within the depths of the bottle. The shade of olive is the deepening of the experience of the feminine intuitive and the possibility of this hope leading us forward towards our future. There are incredible hidden fears in the conscious mind (yellow), which now need to be addressed in our own space (green). If these fears can be resolved, then there is the possibility of incredible joy, which could come to be. This is the potential of one of the more hidden aspects within the olive in its deeper form.

The Deep Magenta in the base of the bottle signifies that we now need to trust the love from above in the depth of ourselves, in a way that we may not have before. We have been shocked out of our security, (the hidden Red within the Deep Magenta in the base), that we now have the opportunity to see things anew. It is an opportunity to again put the love in the little things to refocus and bring the care to what we are doing moment-to-moment. That care could also be described as more conscious attention.

How to uproot the conflicts within ourselves, not to try, not to force, not to set up resistance, but to come to real peace (the hidden Blue), to the hope (Olive) that is there for the future. Is not this what the Olive branch, that the Dove of the Holy Spirit symbolized to Noah, as he waited for and knew that the new world would come about, with the covenant of the rainbow, that assures us of the potential for a more conscious future.

An aspect of the Deep Olive could be love on a personal level that has been unable to be expressed, a love for one who went away to war and was never to return: a loss unresolved as the depth of the caring was unable to be expressed. It is evident that within this bottle are many levels of polarity and paradox. Even the colours, Olive/Magenta, are opposites on the colour wheel. The bottle contains the colours of the ancient Tao, the Green/Red, expressive of the polarity within Existence. It is possible to say, that to create a unified view, without coercion, it is necessary to fully integrate the polarities within oneself.

Perhaps we would normally associate this with Coral, but here in the Deep Olive over Deep Magenta, another aspect emerges. The thoughts here are also to do with us creating what it is that we fear the most, especially from the heart. Where there is fear, there is no room for love. If we can go beyond the fears, then we can re-create our world in the context of love. This is a tall order, particularly when we think we do not understand all that it is for us to understand, how do we really get back to the garden.

Remember the wise men who were blindfolded and asked to describe what was within reach. It was only when all the impressions were put together that the Elephant was revealed.


The elephant is the symbol of the mind. Gradually, as we work on ourselves, we begin to purify the mind, to see clearly the inner and outer reflections of reality.

B102 Archangel Samael

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