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Colour: Opalescent Blue/Deep Magenta, shakes together as Deep Violet


Keynote: Finding peace among the chaos.  Trusting through difficult times. 


Archangel Haniel is called "the glory" or the "glory of the grace of God". Generally thought to be in charge of Capricorn, or the month of December, Haniel is the archangel who is the chief of the Order of Principalities, Virtues and Innocents. Haniel has a close association with Enoch, and therefore with Metatron, is related to the Chaldean Ishtar, ruler of Venus, and therefore also related to Lucifer and Quetzalcoatl.


At the birth of this Equilibrium bottle, the attribution of Haniel, being the ruler of Mars, coincides with Mars being closer to the Earth than it has been for the last 73,000 years. At this time, Mars is in an exalted relationship with Venus. There is a strong feeling that our future relationship with Venus, the birth of Haniel, and the birth in Aura-Soma of the archangeloi sequence, are linked together. The Aura-Soma archangeloi sprays are about to be released. The archangelois are Beings that evolved in a much earlier epoch of the Earth. These Beings are making themselves available at this time for the guidance and assistance of mankind.


Sometimes, it is said that Haniel is one of the Elohim. Manifesting usually as a very beautiful woman, occasionally as an extremely handsome man, Haniel symbolizes beauty, pleasure, and sustaining a friendship. Haniel has the power to make fruitful that which previously was not so: to turn states of sadness, anxiety and worry towards happiness. Haniel helps us to recognise and fill the gaps in our lives from within ourselves, rather than continuing to yearn to have them filled from the outside. Haniel inspires that which makes life worth living: friendship, love, companionship, harmony, and balance.

Haniel is associated with the rose, a symbol of the qualities of beauty, upliftment and unfoldment.

One of the stones aligned with Haniel is the emerald. This is significant in the development of Aura-Soma at this time. If we examine the colours, then the Opalescent Pale Blue of the Higher Will leads us to the emerald of the heart. This Pale Blue energy asks us to look into the truth of what lies in our heart, that we may come to a deeper understanding of peace and be able to communicate with ease that which comes through us.


The Deep Magenta signifies the love from above, the love that is synonymous with Grace, but yet, is also the love that we can put into the little things, into the details of life. If we are able to put our care and attention upon inanimate objects, extend care to plants and animals, then we may also be able to care more for our fellow human beings. This is the essence of the Pale Blue in relation to the Deep Magenta: thus, Grace may come about.


If we come from a place of lack in relation to love, or from a feeling that we do not have enough, then, in some way, we have not allowed love to come through us. Our sense of lack is also a result of what we have not put into the little things and how our need for love is experienced in this way.

Each of us has authority which is implicit; all we can do is to lose it. This happens in relation to issues of self worth when there is an attempt to control through fear, through manipulation, or other factors of a similar nature. The antidote for this phenomenon, where we can stand in our own authority, our own self-worth, is when the Light comes to the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The Blue becomes the Pale Blue and we feel the sense of support of the Deep Magenta, the love from above, as we practice putting the care and attention in the little things.

This bottle, being part of the Easter celebration this year, being part of 20 years of Aura-Soma's presence in the world, is also related to building the Body of Light, the second body. This is possibly what Aura-Soma is about: aura meaning light; soma meaning body. Haniel, as the Higher Will, could be thought of as the bottle for the restoration of peace inwardly and outwardly.

There are two gateways in the numerology of Aura-Soma, two elevens: the two 'a's' in Aura, and the 's' and the 'a' in Soma. These two gateways allow other numbers to come through: the B39, the Egyptian II bottle and Djwal Khul, the B64. The B39 and the B64 come together in the B103. An expression for Haniel, or a key note, could be the ascension of the star through the doorway of initiation.


Here are a few further number related thoughts for those interested. To look at the number sequence of Haniel is to immediately find the emerald connection: the B10 with the B3, the Green/Green with the Blue/Green Equilibrium bottles. Another consideration is B13/B91, the outward and return journey of the Aura-Soma New Aeon Tarot card, Death, the Clear/Green and the Olive/Olive Equilibrium bottles. The B91 comes together as a B10 again, bringing us back to the Green/Green with its return journey of the B88, the reverse of the B3, Blue/Green, expressed in the Green/Blue. I think that it is quite elegant that the B88 brings us to the connection with The Tower, the B16, the Violet/Violet Equilibrium bottle, with its return journey of Archangel Michael, B94, Pale Blue/Pale Yellow, and the connection with Archangel Samael, B102, Deep Olive/Deep Magenta. Archangel Michael, the B94, is also a B13, indicating an intimate connection.

B103 Archangel Haniel

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