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Colour: Misty Pale Olive / Misty Lilac


Keynote: transformation of conditioned patterns.  Ratziel is an Archangel of personal empowerment, giving us courage to step forward at times when we might have held back in the past.  Changing the patterns of the past into something more positive



22nd October 2007 at 3.19 pm

Dear Friends,

I feel really honoured to be presenting you with the birth of the new bottle Archangel Ratziel, it feels like it is an incredible step forward.

On Friday, 19th of October 2007 on Shire Farm at the sixth Chakra, we planted a three-meter standing stone. One of the symbols associated with Ratziel just happens to be a standing stone. Thus there is a very strong connection with Ratziel and this stone. In a sense it is part of the activation of Shire Farm in relation to the planetary grid, the light network emerging towards the new time on the planet.

Ratziel is a master alchemist; he is able to transmute conditioned patterns through inner alchemy towards pure gold. The colours of this bottle are milky or misty pale olive over misty lilac. In a sense making conscious the situation and circumstance to do with bitterness of the past and turning it towards the sweetness of spirit. The misty quality in the upper fraction, slightly disguising the olive is already part of the alchemical process. It has an incredible smell and I think probably in the whole range of the Aura Soma® system, is one of the strongest smelling bottles. It is both invigorating and relaxing.

This transmutation of bitterness (of experiences of the past towards the sweetness of spirit) overcomes the conditioned patterns, loosening the bars of conditioning towards a perspective of the wisdom that lies within. There is a sense that something new is being born in synchronicity with the new standing stone on Shire farm, and the gathering of some of our distributors from around the world who happen to be at Dev Aura at this point in time to share in the energy and the birth of Ratziel. Three signs that something new is being born. How does this Archangel, who helps us bring forward our gift and overcome our challenges, somehow facilitate the increase of the light web through the human and the planetary grid connections?

Ratziel is also an Archangel of personal empowerment; helping us where we have held back from situations and circumstances when we might have stepped forward. Ratziel empowers us to do the right thing, to be able to express what is necessary, to take up our role as part of the solution rather than be contributing inadvertently to the problem. It is true to say that dealing with the karmic seeds of the past is to be able to overcome or transmute those seeds into something more positive, which is a consequence of the quality we bring in the moment to whatever we do; to be present to the wonder of the moment and not lose ourselves.

These are initial thoughts in the first few moments after the birth of Ratziel. I hope that you get a sense of the significance and importance both globally and individually in relation to the birth of this Archangel at this opportune moment in our planetary journey.

Love and light



B106 Archangel Ratziel

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