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Colour: Turquoise/Deep Magenta


Available sizes: 50ml, Pendant bottle, Beamer Light Pen vial, Tester vial, Waterstick


Keynote: Individualisation and expansion into the collective, inner tuition of the heart, a protection for the lightworkers.


Archangel Tzaphkiel 
B107 - Turquoise/Deep Magenta 
Born - 14th December 2009 11:00am

The deeper aspects of the Divine Feminine
The watery aspects of the whole of Creation
Dwelling within Binah on the Tree of Life
Ruler of the order of the Angels called Aralin
Guardian of the Akashic Chronicles and their mysteries
The holding of an eternal ocean of compassion
The deeper aspect of intuition, the inner tuition of the heart
The overcoming of obstacles and the healing of strengths
An invitation to inner disarmament in order to reveal the True Gold
The death of what was and the purification of Myrrh
A love that asks us not to "get out of the Way," but to become the Way
A glimpse, and a call, from deeper realities and dimensions
An expansion of personal individuation into the collective
Through this bottle She comes to protect the light workers in the temples of their bodies.

B107 Archangel Tzaphkiel

SKU: 107
  • Dear Friends,

    In the birthing processes of the Equilibrium bottles, it has been the longest we have experienced so far. When the understanding was given that the birthing would be complete on the 14th December, we realised that this day also corresponds in the Angelic realm to the Angel Ariel, whose name means "Lion of God." In addition, the function of Ariel as "perceiver and revealer of Divine mysteries" further relates to TZAPHKIEL as guardian of the Akashic Records, also called the Book of Life, in which the story of each soul is said to be written. TZAPHKIEL is offering us access to the ancient-future mysteries of Love and Truth so that more of the totality of who we are might become manifest in our present lifetime. As we progress from the energies of B106 to B107, we are approaching the end of a long tunnel that has been filled with shadows. As the new light of personal and interpersonal harmony dawns, we can begin to see the peace that beckons to us from the spaciousness of a transformed future.

    Since 14 December corresponds to the heart influence of Ariel, the connection between the Lion and Ariel (which relates to B23 of the Equilibrium bottles) with the emergence of TZAPHKIEL suggests that what comes to us through the birth of B107 is the power and purpose of a compassionate Lion-Hearted Love -- a love come to alchemize us further toward the golden-beingness of personal and collective individuation. Thus, TZAPHKIEL invites us to expand the feeling of love into the purpose and commitment of love. This expanded love holds an ocean of compassion in which we may bring all we have ever been into reconciliation and harmony with all we might become. It is a love that asks us not to get out of the way, but to become the Way. It is a love with the presence to not only energize the little things in our daily activities -- events, encounters and the why and how of what we do -- but also to propel and expand our personal individuation into collaboration with the individuations of those around us, and ultimately to all in the evolution of the collective Earth-Heart.

    In our personal journey of individuation we often respond from the mental plane rather than listening more to the star within, the shining essence of our being which speaks to us an "inner tuition" ever reminding us of who we are. As we go along in a direction where decisions are made and perceptions understood mainly from the intellect, the inner light may seem to dim. Thus when we sense a "call" from a more profound level or dimension, at first we may feel an uneasiness or anxiety. The Deep Magenta in TZAPHKIEL is the depth that is being stirred as the soul asks us for deeper acknowledgement. Each of us is a gossamer light-being, fragile within the density of our physicality. We often push at our physicality too hard, and in our striving the gossamer may seem to shrink as we begin to feel our vulnerabilities, which we can mistake for weaknesses. However, when difficulties surface and give us a feeling of being over-exposed, they are actually asking to be healed, and ultimately revealed as our greatest strengths.

    When we look at the numerical correspondences of 107, we are given also the sense of a test -- a test in relation to the karmic patterns of B10, the Wheel of Fortune, and B7, the Garden of Gethsemane, the final test of faith. B10 is about the karmic seeds and the consequence of what we plant, and the 7 is the test which is always amplified to maximise our opportunity as we plant the seeds. When these two bottles or understandings come together in the Green/Violet of the Troubadour, B17 (10 + 7), then we are reminded of the colours of the B106, Misty Pale Olive/Misty Lilac, and we see the progression from the muted light of B106 to the soul-stirred illumination of the Turquoise in B107. The B17 Troubadour bottle represents the outward journey of B95, Archangel Gabriel, messenger of the star. This reminds us of the soul/ incarnational star connection that enables us to bring down that which is above us through that which is before us: the information, energy and raw materials of the conditioned patterns needed to commence the transmutation toward the gold within us.

    Since we tend to identify more with the dense material of our being, TZAPHKIEL as the Divine Mother comes in compassion to help us birth the light body from within the chemistry of our physical bodies. In this way we are offered the "light-support" needed to respond to the soul-stuff within and above. As we engage the deeper within-realms, the energetic presence of the soul star above us is drawn closer to our physicality. The "base mettle" of our humanity is transformed by the commingling of the human and the divine within us. We ultimately become "temples of light," as the fullness of who we are and what we are here to do is illuminated and expressed.

    It might be said that if Truth is the "What" of our purpose, then Love is the "Way" which can illuminate how our Truth is to be expressed. TZAPHKIEL comes to help birth and accelerate us into alignment with our mission and purpose. Change and loss are experiences that create space in us quickly for the taking in of something new. As we become lion-hearted, with the courage to allow rather than resist difficult events or circumstances, we begin to see them as the contraction of energy that necessarily occurs before the bursting forth of new life. And when we are truly ready, some ordinary event will suddenly -- and yet naturally -- occur, leading to a remarkable encounter or opportunity that will seem to draw together all the elements of our creativity and life experiences as if we had been prepared our whole lives for this moment by some prescient future. As this occurs, TZAPHKIEL can help to ease us out of old karmic patterns as well as the contrivances of effort - the pushing and pulling at life to achieve this thing or that. Where we have become over-identified and fatigued by circumstance -- losing sight of our bigger purpose -- the rescue aspect of the Turquoise of B107 invites us into the grace of unfoldment and the wonder of allowing ourselves to simply step into the flow of our fulfilment.

    The numerology of B107 further illuminates the rescue aspects of the Turquoise that are related to our individuation. 107 reduces to the single digit 8, the numerical correspondence for manifestation, and we must not forget that this is connected to the whole of the Aura-Soma® ("light-body") system (the letters of Aura-Soma numerically correspond to 8 as well). B8 (Anubis) relates the story of how the heart is weighed against the feather for lightness of being. As this story affirms, when love propels us we often move through our lives with a sense of flying or "floating on air." A heart that is not heard or expressed becomes heavy and wing-tethered. TZAPHKIEL calls forth the questions of Love and Truth that determine how much our hearts are heeded in our life choices: Do we love what we do, or are we doing something other than what we love, or are we unable to put our love into what we do because we are out of love with ourselves?

    TZAPHKIEL therefore comes as the Divine Mother to support us with compassion and protection so that we might allow our hearts to return to expressing love through what we do and the way in which we do it. This support is offered in the Clear/Turquoise combination of B86, which is the return journey of the 8, relating to Titania, the Queen of the devas and the fairy realm. Titania's story of "release from misplaced love to a remembrance of her true feelings" invites us to activate the "colour code" of Love and Truth residing within our own hearts to create a life that matters -- a life that is utterly expressive of our own unique being and purpose. To help us with this, Titania's winged devic realm offers to be our intermediaries to the angelic realm in order to bring messages from above to the Earth plane. In this way, the Earth of our personal and collective physicalities, as well as our planetary dwelling, may be healed and evolved by the resonance and acknowledgement that human interaction with the devic world brings. Supporting this interconnection is also part of the mission of TZAPHKIEL.

    TZAPHKIEL brings the first bottle to contain the essential oil of myrrh. This month commemorates the long-ago birth of a new Light of the Divine, heralded by the Nativity Star of the Christ. Paradoxically, myrrh -- long associated with funeral preparation -- was one of the three gifts given to the newborn Jesus. This correlates with the concept that the birth of the Christ in physical form began mankind's transition from the "old covenant" to the "new covenant" -- as the birthing of a Love that would ultimately transcend the aspects of dogma and law that held humanity in old Self-defeating patterns. Thus, a new birthing may be said to signify the death of what was so that what will be can be born. Myrrh's anti-microbial properties also suggest a support against subtle energies, as well as societal constructs and manipulations, which can sabotage us as we begin to birth more of the eternal totality of ourselves into the present life.

    This energy of TZAPHKIEL, expressing the deepest aspects of the Divine Feminine to nurture and protect, does not have to be pushed or pulled, but rather allowed and accepted as an expression of the I AM of Life Itself ever-birthing within, through and as us. On the outside, it is Love living out loud with lyricism of heart and a joyful roar of purposefulness as we crawl, walk, leap and fly through our days and dreams upon this Earth. It is Love with the lightness of being that is so naturally expressed when it no longer has to strain against fear, unwillingness, shame or feelings of unworthiness that usurp our most precious birthright, which is to be Love Itself. This is indeed the time of emergence for the particular and unique hue of Love-in-Beingness which each of us has come to shine forth into this world, a world which so needs the full Love-and-Truth of us all.

    Love and light

    Mike, with thanks to Terah Cox

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