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Colour: Magenta/Mid-tone Olive


Keynote: The Archangel of Peace, a new sense of hope and optimism, stimulates creativity.


Archangel Zachariel 
B109 -Magenta/Mid-Tone Olive 
Born noon (12 pm) Tuesday July 26th, 2011.

Keynote: Sincerity in Love – letting go, we’re already forgiven

Zachariel B109 is about stimulating creativity. 
Also where there has been a lack of confidence, a new confidence now takes place.

Dear Friends,

Further thoughts:

In this bottle the love from above (magenta) supports us in letting go of the bitterness of the past (olive).

The bitterness, not only personal, not only related to the fears that surround the bitterness but also within the genetic and ancestral situation. There are patterns within the RNA/DNA which reflect the bitterness of the past. The understanding of how our disappointments, our sense of betrayal, our sense of conflict within ourselves can only be supported by the love or the grace when it comes in.

How do we, individually, come to terms with those things as they arise out of the collective, the ancestral roots or the personal experience where we feel we have been let down in love?

However justified we may feel, however we may feel that someone else has contributed to that, what do we do when we contribute to that in ourselves? We deny the love, the nourishment that is there for us and indeed the love that is the basic ground upon which we walk.

The only way to a new sense of hope, of love, of what the caring and the warmth can come to be, is to let go of the fears.

In that letting go we may recognize the sense of resolution for the bitterness within the depth of ourselves as we put the love, caring and warmth into all of the small things that we do each day. 

The only way towards the resolution that we seek is to acknowledge the caring and warmth in the little things that we do.

The magenta energy affects the family group that could be called the ‘constellation’ and into which we project ourselves into our world.

Sometimes it has been referred to as the nuclear family and how the hope and a new spirit can enter this situation. Perhaps this is why this magenta is slightly more in the direction of pink than the color we have previously called magenta. 

It can be referred to as a new magenta and a new olive because what is being asked of us is to really let go.
To let go of what we have relied upon, what has created difficulties for ourselves and for others as we have come into these situations that have brought up the olive experience.

The olive process is always ‘letting go’ of the bitterness where the olive goes through the process of marination to reveal the gold within. 
It is an alchemical possibility to resolve that olive and to find the true sweetness of spirit where the spirit reveals itself anew.
A new sense of hope, a new sense of the awakening force arising within ourselves.

The 109 reduces by adding 10+9 = 19 (outward journey of The Sun. The return journey comes in the 97)

The 19 =1 + 9 = 10 (outward journey) 88 (return journey)
The 10/88 combination speaks about Karma and Dharma.

This is a very potent bottle in relation to the karmic seeds. To look at the karmic seeds is to look at what is coming up moment to moment.

Why do we believe so strongly that those seeds responsible for our thoughts and feelings are based entirely in our own experience?

Why do we not consider that those thoughts arising in the content of mind may be the consequence of conditioning by the parents or grandparent or perhaps even deeper conditioning from within our ancestral roots?

When we experience a sense of bitterness, maybe jealousy or a sense of wanting to be in another’s space, we identify that as being a consequence of our own experience rather than what we are there to transmute - the fears that we need to let go of to come into a new space, that we may receive the grace, the love from above, the love in the little things.

The B109 is also a B19 (10 + 9). The B19 is to do with the sun, the solar energy, the king within ourselves, the connection with Arthur.

In the recent time at Uisneach, Ireland, the group that visited had an opportunity to sit in the throne on Lughs Mound (the mound of light).
That experience became part of the birth of Zachariel which was in the process of coming into being.

There is the opportunity to realize that we are a king in our own kingdom in the temple of our body. 
We sit in that throne of ourselves ready to receive the inspiration of the light and open to the love from above.

The light in the form of caring and warmth is available to us from above that we may be nurtured in the process of taking responsibility, the ability to respond to the situations that we find ourselves in as we begin to recognize the true king within us.

The king is the one that helps all the princes or lords of the body to come into order.

Those princes are the organs of the body, the connections are the meridians, the energy channels that connect even to the extremities of our body, the kingdom of ourselves.

That king is also synonymous with the emperor within, the ruler of the kingdom of ourselves, of our whole world and being.
To sit in that throne and know that the descent at this point in time comes as a descent of light, in the present, the here and now.

The middle of the word ‘AURA’, the ‘UR’ where the source of light came from, the solar aspect within ourselves.
The ‘SOMA’, the light of the moon synonymous with the body, the light body of Aura-Soma echoed in Zachariel. The coming together of the sun and the moon within ourselves.

When we look into this we are looking into a future possibility where responsibility for ease within ourselves takes on a different note:
the ability to respond in whatever circumstance or situation we may meet.
Do we identify with the patterns of the past or do we wish to open ourselves to our new possibility?
A possibility in relation to caring, warmth and love, that by letting go of the bitterness and fears of the past, transmutation of the gold may come about.
The letting go of ‘dis-ease’.

During the Process of Individuation course in Ireland earlier this week the group visited the Cat Stone. We saw how this stone represents the four quarters – the north, south, east and west. We spoke a lot about the ‘here and now’, the fifth direction or dimension in the light grid matrix.

Wherever we find ourselves this bottle is there to remind us of the opening to the eternal from the ‘here and now’ provided we can let go into the moment.
The possibility is to become as present with what is happening now by letting go of the past to meet the moment in its newness and freshness. 
In so doing we meet others in their newness and freshness rather than projecting into the future or burdening them with how we saw them in the past.

The only place we can resolve anything is in the ‘here and now’. 
The only place we can come to resolution within ourselves is in the ‘here and now’, in the moment where that moment reveals itself in truth.

The truth of the olive is the hope, the hope in the awakening force that lies within each of us where the caring and warmth of the magenta energy comes in and from above, to nurture the space for the soul to incarnate more fully.

With Love & Light
Mike Booth

B109 Archangel Zachariel

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