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Archangel Israfel 


Colour: Turquoise / Mid tone Royal Blue, shakes together as Royal Blue


Keynote: Clarity in joyful creativity.


Extended Keynote: As we let go in the journey towards ourselves, our perceptions become clearer.


Affirmation: I am bringing creativity from the depths of myself in all that I do.


Placement on the Tree of Life: Between Kether and Tiphareth, the Path of the High Priestess.


Born December 14, 2014 12:12PM UK Time .
Traditionally, Israfel is known as a very energetically strong Archangel who embodies the creative aspect of the Logos, the male/female God/Goddess and the creativity they express through communication of the heart in song, and celebration through dance.We are all often touched by what is communicated through music and song. By opening our hearts with sound Israfel facilitates this sense of the musical communication of the soul.The transformational aspect of this bottle is essential in the understanding of what this Archangel has to offer. When we are moved to dance because a particular rhythm, a particular musical combination touches us, we enter into the movement, the celebration which is some of the inspiration of Israfel.Israfel is a trumpet blower and in the same sense as with Archangel Gabriel, we are awakened to what lies at the deeper levels of the star within us. Here we can see a connection in the colours, the complementary opposite of Royal Blue is Gold; we have the Royal Blue in Israfel and the Gold in Gabriel (B95).B11

B112 Archangel Israfel

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