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Colour: Green/Violet, shakes together as Dark Green


Keynote: A new beginning for sprirutuality.  A balance between the head and the heart


Chakra: Heart & Throat 

Main Theme: A harmonizing heart. A new beginning for spirituality.


Dominant Characteristics: Great interest in spirituality and the hidden secrets of life. Experiences joy through loving others and bringing them in contact with their own spirituality. Someone who gives very much. The strive for unity and freedom. A brave person who searches for truth and examines it time and again. Possesses a clear perspective and spreads understanding of the truth.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Leans toward self-pity and might feel misunderstood. Has not trust and no hope and no understanding and suffers from that. Harbors self-doubts, no matter how much competence there is.


Spiritual Level: Establishes contact with the Higher Self and with ones own own psychic abilities. Broadens horizons. Can bring about the ability to talk about spiritual experiences.


Mental Level: Helps get in touch with the truth when emotions obscure the mind. Can expand mental horizons.


Emotional Level: Is useful in overcoming the feeling of being misunderstood. Resolves the impression of being on his/her own. Aids grief. Very harmonizing for all heart-matters.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest. If problems are of a spiritual or mental variety, also apply along the hairline.


Affirmation: I seek and transform, knowing that I will find the truth.



Distinctive Qualities: None


B17 Troubadour 1/Hope

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