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Colour: Blue / Blue shakes as Blue


Keynote:  The throat and all aspects of peaceful communication


Main Theme: Inner peace and a balanced vision of the future.


Dominant Characteristics:Peace loving and creative. A good communicator who puts talents into the service of peace for mankind. An ability to nurture the self and others.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Difficulty in finding inner and outer peace. There may be difficulty balancing the active and passive aspects of the personality, or the male/female models within the self. This person may be overly active in the area of promoting social or community well being at the expense of the nurturing and support of close relationships. Equally the person may be too involved with personal relationships at the expense of the service they could offer to the greater community. Being confronted with the unknown often prompts a tendency to "play it safe".


Spiritual Level:Helps to connect with the deeper aspects in oneself. This can mean to become much more aware of useful information that was previously unavailable, because of tension and lack of trust. The extra peace and trust can help in many situations where these qualities are needed.


Mental Level: This blue bottle can comfort in bringing peace and trust to the thinking. It can also be useful with challenges related to concentration and speech. With greater relaxation our thinking can become so much more inventive we can begin to make many connections more quickly. Our creativity and intuition becomes more active.


Emotional Level:The trust and peace that this bottle offers are useful for anyone in crisis, or an emotionally charged situation. Blue supports a general sense of well-being and protection. Can help to decipher dreams.


Affirmation: I breathe in peace, I breathe out peace


Where to Apply the Substance:The upper line of the band to be applied is around the hairline, on the neck, and the line between the lower jaws; the lower line of this band is at the level of the collarbone: apply around the whole throat/neck.


Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Chakra Set. Fifth Chakra, Throat-Chakra.





颜色: 蓝色 / 蓝色摇动为蓝色




















B2 Peace Bottle Blue/Blue

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