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Colour: Violet/Turquoise, shakes together as Violet


Keynote: A new message to take to the world.


Chakra: Heart and Crown 

Main Theme: New possibilities. Spirit is communicated by the heart.


Dominant Characteristics: A visionary who has the talent to teach and meet people at their level. Awakens self-love in others. Possesses charisma, integrity, and maturity while concentrating on joy. Is creative and at peace. Is able create harmony in relationships through communicating with warmth and care.


Possible Challenge Aspects: May have the tendency to magnify worries. More than anything, focuses on what difficulties other people present and what problems they cause. Deceives the self and others, suspecting people of all kinds of things.


Spiritual Level: Aids the process of awakening, particularly with respect to relationships. Can bring forth spiritual integrity. Enables the person to become aware of self-deception. Can help find the way back to one’s own path through making the connection back to the heart.


Mental Level: Brings peace after emotional difficulty, as well as clarity. Assists in meeting challenges. The ability to deal with authority improves.


Emotional Level: Opens new levels in personal and business relationships. Facilitates the harmony and integration of emotional injuries due to patriarchal, male-oriented behavior and of grief. Helps to express feelings from the heart.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the heart area; when there is a problem with speech, apply around the throat.


Affirmation: I am open to the new.  I feel the joy in my heart as I embrace the moment.


Distinctive Qualities: None.  

B24 New Message

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