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Colour: Green/Red, shakes together as Red


Keynote: Energy to findone's space, pioneering spirit. 


Chakra: Root & Heart

Main Theme: New beginning, to find one`s own space.


Dominant Characteristics: A pioneer who is always ready to look at a situation from a new, fresh perspective. A reliable and happy person who is honest. This person is knowledgeable and possesses clarity of thought. Trust one`s own intuition.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Permits others to be domineering and likes to play the martyr. Lets others walk all over. Finds it difficult to trust. Believes others are against him/her. Suffers in coming to terms with a separation or divorce.


Spiritual Level: Assists the individual in breaking free of old relationships and entanglements, as well as in finding a new source of power to change things. Gives clarity and helps to overcome self-doubts.


Mental Level: Enables the person to see the self anew. Encourages assertiveness. Makes difficult decisions easier and helps the individual communicate more easily about difficult decisions that have to be made.


Emotional Level: Releases limiting patterns, especially those that permit others to dominate. Gives a person the strength to stand up for him/herself. Encourages a feeling of happiness. Helps open up to space and freedom after a period of restraint.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.


Affirmation: I find the inner strength to stand in my own space.



Distinctive Qualities: None

B28 Maid Marion

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