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Colour: Blue/Red, shakes togetheras Violet


Keynote: Strength to see things through. Communication of inner passion.


Chakra: Root & Throat 

Main Theme: Heaven on earth.
The possibility of bringing a new quality into life. To get energy through communication. Communication of peace with the really positive energy within.


Dominant Characteristics: Transforms ideas into action and sees things clearly. Understands what the "quality of life" is about: not only is the result of an action important, but also the way in which it is carried out. Peace in the conscious mind and the powerful awakening energy.


Possible Challenge Aspects: May hold on to grudges, anger and frustration. Feels inferior, especially with respect to intellectual capacity. Cannot express passion. Finds it difficult to keep the peace.


Spiritual Level: Can open new dimensions. Provides a grounding and brings head and belly together. Helps the individual get in touch with one`s life purpose. Stimulates communication of spiritual experiences.


Mental Level: Can bring calming in mental hyperactivity. Can bring balance and helps the user express creativity and passionate feelings. Supports communication.


Emotional Level: Allows for the expression of suppressed and passioned feelings. Helps overcome feelings of frustration.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk. When there are spiritual problems, apply along the hairline too.


Affirmation: I see my head in heaven,my feet on the earth, though resting my attention at the centre of my being


Distinctive Qualities: None. 


B30 Bringing Heaven To Earth

SKU: 30
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