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Colour: Green/Gold, shakes together as Olive Green


Keynote: Knowing through finding your own space. 


Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus


Main Theme: Overcoming deep irritations


Dominant Characteristics: Can be a diplomatic personality, maintains relationships of the heart with other people and establishes good team spirit. Accepts responsibilities. Carries much joy because the wisdom of the belly and the heart are in balance. Knows how to create space within and without. Has overcome many irritations. Possesses deep faith in the Divine and in the self. Loves nature very much and is connected with devas and earth spirits.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Knows no trust and no happiness. Feels cut off from the world. Only feels negative feelings but no positive feelings. Feels unbalanced.


Spiritual Level: Helps to connect with the "sunshine of the heart" - that is, finding inner happiness. Opens the door to the inner prison (of conditioning, of self-inflicted limitations, etc.). Aids the individual in becoming more observant and also to connect with devas and earth spirits.


Mental Level: Brings back mental stability. May resolve confusion. Gives hope. Connects the user with the inner truth and gained knowledge through experiences.


Emotional Level: Can be useful when it comes to decisions of the heart. Injects happiness into a joyless life. Supports the letting go of deep irritations. Reconnects with the heart in a joyous and satisfying way.


Where to Apply the Substance: Between the heart and the area just below the navel.


Affirmation: I let go of all the sensations of fear and anxiety and open myself toa new light shining in my heart



Distinctive Qualities: None. 

B31 The Fountain

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