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Colour: Royal Blue/Turquoise, shakes together as Royal Blue


Keynote: A balance between work and play.  Communication, creativity and inspiration. 


Chakra: Heart & Third Eye 

Main Theme: Peaceful communication. The creative communication of the heart. Communication of peace to the world. Creativity. Peace with a purpose.


Dominant Characteristics: One who is connected to intuition, to inner guidance. Is absolutely devoted to his/her purpose in life. A reformer who would never let authority or authority figures oppose this aim. At the same time, this individual is a lovable, gentle and playful person who wants to bring heaven to earth. May have an access to other dimensions. The ability to laugh happily about life’s mysteries.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Difficulties with authorities. Has difficulty understanding the self. Has no commitment or involvement. The love is deep, but this person cannot express love. Is uncomfortable among other people.


Spiritual Level: Assists the user in finding inner beauty through meditation. Facilitates the process of self-discovery. Helps to open the Third Eye.


Mental Level: May give access to original, creative and new ideas.


Emotional Level: May support the letting go of feelings of isolation, as well as insecurity and shyness. Allows the person to give the nurturing motherly care that is needed.


Where to Apply the Substance: In the neck and jaw area, along the hairline, just above the eyebrows along the forehead, and around the throat. Also, around the entire chest area.


Affirmation: Peace on the in breath, peace on the outbreath. I don't take myself too seriously.



Distinctive Qualities: None.

B33 Dolphin/Peace With A Purpose

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