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Colour: Pink/Turquoise, shakes together as Violet with Pink sparkles


Keynote: Loving and accepting what is hidden in the heart.  Dream work. 


Chakra: Root & Heart 

Main Theme: Access to the hidden mysteries of life and love


Dominant Characteristics: Can be a self-sufficient person in all areas of life. Can give and receive deep love. Does not deviate from one`s life path, no matter what happens - a great commitment. Has already come a long way and is open to the mysteries of life and love.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Experiences constant disappointment and does not learn from it. Does not trust the inner guidance. Does not see things as they are. Has great difficulty with the reality of life and withdraws from this truth.


Spiritual Level: Establishes access to the hidden secrets of life and love. Brings up lost secrets from the depths of the soul. Can be useful as an escort for "inner journey".


Mental Level: Promotes balance and leads to love between different or opposite aspects.


Emotional Level: Opens up the heart for giving and receiving love, the love that is always there. Releases the past and brings joy.


Where to Apply the Substance: Mainly around the heart area and around the abdomen/lower abdomen; in dream work, along the entire hairline.


Affirmation: I see the beauty within myself. I nourish myself with warmth and caring which I see myself receiving where ever I am.



Distinctive Qualities: None.

B34 Birth Of Venus

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