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Colour: Pink/Violet, shakes together as Lilac


Keynote: Service with unconditional love, love from above. 


Chakra: Base & Crown 

Main Theme: Getting closer to the spiritual through love, service


Dominant Characteristics: Experiences deep satisfaction through helping others, thereby helping oneself. Possesses the gift of service and of bringing harmony into situations. This person’s thoughts are ruled by love. A gentle, spiritual soul who is concerned about the human being in front of him. Is in connection with love from "above". Possesses self-confidence and strength.


Possible Challenge Aspects: May carry unresolved feelings and is suffering from that. Has much sensitivity and may easily fall into a "darkness". May feel dominated by others.


Spiritual Level: Brings back energy to helpers (with burn-out syndrome). Protects from aggressive energy. Revives mind and soul. Helps the user get in touch with one`s life purpose in service.


Mental Level: Encourages self-acceptance and the development of intuition. Opens to love and harmony. Makes "old tapes" unnecessary. Helps the individual release over-sensitivity and exaggerated self-love.


Emotional Level: Breaks up old patterns of despair. Enables the person to cope with phases of a lack of love.


Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere around the body.


Affirmation: I am in a transformational process and as I transform myself I offer others the possibility of transformation



Distinctive Qualities: None


B35 Kindness

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