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Colour: Violet/Pink, shakes together as Lilac


Keynote: Compassion and understanding.  Healing and service. 


Chakra: Root & Crown 

Main Theme: Spiritual love


Dominant Characteristics: Is aware of one`s life purpose. A great commitment accompanied by the awareness that love is always there. Feels connected with existence and has a love for all things. Is a child of love. Has the gift of harmonizing powers and serves selflessly.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Harbors hidden frustrations. Is particularly frustrated because of the feeling of not being loved. Clings to the affection and caring of others. Often lives the part of a victim. Is not in the here and now. Holds on to false hopes.


Spiritual Level: Establishes access to inner goals, personal powers, and enables the user to be more in the present moment. Stimulates contact with existence, with all living things, and with the individual’s life purpose.


Mental Level: Aids in overcoming false hope. Enables the person to see life anew and to appreciate it again. Helpful in preventing the head from ruling the heart too much.


Emotional Level: Can bring about more self-love and compassion. May help in dissolving frustrations. Can help the individual say "yes" to being here. Can bring about general positive changes.


Where to Apply the Substance: Along the entire hairline and around the throat/neck area.


Affirmation: I let go of all the masks and layers between myself and what I can be.



Distinctive Qualities: None

B36 Charity

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