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Colour: Red/Gold, shakes together as Coral


Keynote: Confidence and assertion.  Strength of character.


Chakra: Root & Solar Plexus 

Main Theme: Self-realization or self-knowledge


Dominant Characteristics: Carries deep wisdom within, and can express this. This person is probably in the process of self-discovery and has already come a long way. A person who can be successful on many levels and enjoys the work. Is centered and is in touch with the self.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Can be very dominant and "loud". Might have inner conflicts and perceives him/herself unrealistically. At the same time, judges and condemns others. May suffer from over-self-criticism.


Spiritual Level: Encourages the user to get in contact with earth energies. Allows the individual to perceive the wealth of the soul in him/herself and in others. Transforms meditation into action. Awakens the Christ energy.


Mental Level: Resolves mental conflicts, especially in connection with anticipation of deep irritations. Addresses to overactivity in the mind about survival and material things in life.


Emotional Level: Resolves irritations and the feeling of being misunderstood, and helps the person connect with joy. Can be beneficial in overcoming emotional naivete. Allays the tendency to blame others. Can free the person from old, limiting patterns.


Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere between the base and solar plexus chakras.


Affirmation: I say "yes" to the situations, circumstances and conditions of life.



Distinctive Qualities: None


B40 The Tibetan Bottle/I Am

SKU: 40
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