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Colour: Gold/Gold, shakes together as Gold


Keynote: Wisdom on all levels.  Self-esteem and positivity. 


Main Theme: Assimilation and wisdom on all levels


Dominant Characteristics: Possibly somebody who "sows and reaps", and who sees things from a "natural" point of view. Feels great happiness and is very positive. Discovers possibilities for growth in all trials and difficulties. Finds joy in all things. Is connected with one`s own inner wisdom and the center.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Is obsessed with self-doubt and patterns of the past. Feels no joy and feels great inner conflicts. Leans toward dependency in relationships.


Spiritual Level: Beneficial for bringing more light into all personality aspects. Allows the individual to take in life energy. May reveal one`s own truth. Can lead to "right(eous) speech, right(eous) action, right(eous) life." Establishes access to wisdom from the past.


Mental Level: Balances logic and intuition. Improves the ability to care for self and others. Helps the user attain what he/she wants and needs and also to take responsibility for the consequences resulting from satisfying desires.


Emotional Level: Brings happiness. Enables the person to overcome blockages in the Solar Plexus. Opens the user to joy and fun.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area.


Affirmation: I see in front of me the gold at the end of the rainbow. My whole beginning to fill with light.



Distinctive Qualities: Relates to the area of the true aura and the incarnational star two fingers above the navel and a little inside. 

B41 Wisdom Bottle/El D'Orado

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