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Colour: Lilac/Pale Blue, shakes together as Lilac


Keynote: Communicating with angels.  Peaceful service to others. 


Chakra: Throat & Crown 

Main Theme: Transformation of negativity to peace


Dominant Characteristics: A transformer who liberates and transforms him/herself and others. A person with a peace mission. A person who is very inspired and in contact with the Higher Self. Communicates in a kind, easy, yet profound way. A connection with the realm of angels, with the etheric spheres and the ability to talk about that.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Lacks inner peace and is not grounded. Doubts a lot. Deceives him/herself and spends time in wishful thinking.


Spiritual Level: Encourages Divine inspiration and support from "above". Can enable a person to trust the flow. The ability to discover one`s own divinity.


Mental Level: Encourages integration of the different aspects of life. Can have a grounding effect and can help to erase old patterns.


Emotional Level: May bring joy and a clear motivation that is independent from the desires of the ego. Releases suffering that results from living in the past and from illusion.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the throat and along the hairline.


Affirmation: I feel the lightness of my being. I feel protected and I feel allof the forces that surround me, serve me the best way that they can.



Distinctive Qualities: None.

B44 The Guardian Angel

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