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Colour: Green/Magenta, shakes together as Deep Jade Green


Keynote: Finding inner strength and love.  Being at home wherever you are. 


Chakra: Heart & Crown 

Main Theme: New beginning for love. The direction and trust to find the love within. New beginning for Divine love.


Dominant Characteristics: A loyal person whose life is very centered and who trusts the process of the "great whole", even when life has its ups and downs. Loves the place where things grow, blossom and are reaped where relaxation can be found - a place inside. Carries the love inside that opens the hearts of others.


Possible Challenge Aspects: A challenging time after waking up from all kinds of illusions. Lacks faith and trust in the process of life. Does not want to look at restrictions coming from the mind.


Spiritual Level: Facilitates the process of attaining a higher aim. Enables the user to develop compassion and encourages the user to do whatever has to be done for him/herself.


Mental Level: Enhances creativity and allows for an optimistic view of life. Helps to get rid of restrictive patterns.


Emotional Level: Releases restrictive emotions. Can bring a new, positive direction to the emotional world. Helps to forgive oneself and others.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the heart, also around the abdomen.


Affirmation: I am open to feel the overflowingof the fountain in the garden of my heart.

B46 The Wanderer

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