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Colour: Pale Blue/Pale Blue, shakes together as Pale Blue


Keynote: Deep peace.  Finding a still quiet place within.  'Thy will be done'. 


Chakra: Throat 

Main Theme: Readiness to live life from now on in harmony with the greater whole


Dominant Characteristics: A pioneer who is selflessly committed. Is in harmony with one`s life purpose, fate, and soul. Trusts God and life. This person’s love overflows into the world. Great talent for communication of different kinds. Possibly possesses a clear mind. Can be detached enough to gain direct access to the subconscious.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Has not yet overcome the extreme difficulties that arose in the past with a male role-model. Needs care and nurture and asks for it all the time. Possibly sees all things in life in a negative way. Is not at peace with the self and feels disconnected from roots.


Spiritual Level: The quality of the blue is to make faith more real, which means it shows in what one really believes. It can bring spiritual inspiration and connection with the life purpose. The blue of El Morya helps one to see the unity of God’s will and one’s own will. It helps open to the light and to the possibility of new realities.

Mental Level: Supports the integration of the female and male aspects of the personality and helps to balance a too-analytical view. Instils clarity and balance if there are authority problems


Emotional Level: Inspires profound peace and self-forgiveness. Balances emotional extremes. Can help to release blockages, especially those related to speech and communication.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire throat.


Affirmation: I say to myself, quietly and in the depth of myself, 'Thy will, not mine'


Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Master Set.


B50 El Morya

SKU: 50
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