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Colour: Pale Violet/Pale Violet, shakes together as Pale Violet


Keynote: Sprituality.  The healer's bottle.  Balancing male and female. 


Chakra: Crown 

Main Theme: Releasing negativity on all levels


Dominant Characteristics: A reformer and inspirational teacher who masters thought processes. Can be a very loving and peaceful person. Situations can be influenced positively through this person’s presence; often acts as a catalyst. Often possesses a strong intuition and strong psychic ability.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Is caught up in personal thought and behavior patterns, which is why this person’s life circumstances do not change. Feels internally stressed and may find the material world threatening. A loner who feels homeless, in the literal and figurative sense. Longs to be anywhere else but here. Is trapped in his/her own world and in the past.


Spiritual Level: Supports the search for higher truth. Frees the user from the difficulties that can arise if he/she is too occupied with the suffering of the world. Establishes a link with deep caring and love of self and inner peace.


Mental Level: May help to interrupt thoughts that move in circles. Can stimulate intuition. Helps release self-denial tendencies and patterns from the past.


Emotional Level: Can clear negative patterns, especially in relation to criticism. Gives clarity with respect to conflicts.


Where to Apply the Substance: Along the hairline.


Affirmation: All of the negativity of the past is being transmuted by the lilac flame that burns brightly around me. I feel inspired.



Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Master Set


B56 St Germain

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