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Colour: Pale Blue/Pale Pink, shakes together as PaleViolet/Lilac


Keynote: Mother love, Father love, Spritual love.  Angelic energy. 


Chakra: Throat & Crown

Main Theme: Inner and outer journeys


Dominant Characteristics: A sensitive person who can build bridges between matter and mind. Experiences the miracles of life like a child. Can express him/herself skillfully and precisely. A well balanced person being in the present moment. Concerned with transformation. Possibly likes to travel.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Manipulation with emotions because this person is possibly emotionally immature. Finds it difficult to express feelings and might have difficulty with physical contact. The different role-models did not come into an intergation and into balance yet.


Spiritual Level: Enables a recognition of the Divine spark in oneself and in others. Supports changes in this person’s spiritual life. Cleanses - for example, after a stay in surroundings with a unpleasant atmosphere.


Mental Level: Eases crises, especially those related to role models. Brings a balance into the thinking, calms.


Emotional Level: Helps to develop stronger resistance, to change unpleasant feelings, and to reduce over-sensitivity. Gives a sense of protection.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the abdomen, the throat, and along the hairline.


Affirmation: I find freedom in the here and now, I trust the changes that are taking place iin the moment



Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Master Set

B58 Orion & Angelica

SKU: 58
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