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Colour: Red / Red shakes as Red


Keynote: The energy of love and life.  Awakening.


Main Theme: The basic energy for love. Sacrificial love and the energy to complete major projects. Lots of creativity and the potential for awakening to a greater awareness.


Dominant Characteristics: A very brave person, ready to love under the most adverse circumstances. Possesses a lot of vitality, and so can be a charismatic and attractive personality. Feels an incredible joy towards life. Is fulfilled. Has no difficulty with material matters.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Can be addicted to material things and may misuse his/her charisma. Will not take on responsibility, especially when it comes to the material side of life. Can be frustrated, a tendency to lean toward laissez-faire attitude, laziness, and a lack of interest in life. A great need for energy in life.


Spiritual Level: Aids in expanding awareness through love, especially love under difficult circumstances. Allows a person to recognize that loving another person enables him/her to love God. Establishes access to sacrificial love. This combination may be useful after any form of spiritual exercise such as meditation. It can be very grounding.


Mental Level: Supports the process of getting to know oneself with the aim to love more truthfully. Gets one’s feet (back) on the ground. Aids in challenging situations to overcome survival issues.


Emotional Level: Can help foster the best in relationships, to overcome resentments and frustrations. Especially suitable for application to the soles of the feet. Very energizing.


Affirmation: Whatever I do, the love in my life grows

Where to Apply the Substance: The contents of this bottle relate specifically to the base chakra and therefore should never be applied above the hip level. Especially suitable for application to the soles of the feet.


Distinctive Qualities: Expanded part of the Chakra Set. First Chakra, Base-Chakra.




颜色: 红色 / 红色摇动为红色 


主题演讲:爱和生命的能量。 觉醒。




















B6 The Energy Bottle

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