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Colour:  Blue/Clear, shakes together as Pale Blue


Keynote: Peaceful communications connecting with the inner light.  Be still and 'know'. 


Chakra: Throat 

Main Theme: To find such deep peace that one calmly accepts everything that life places in one's path


Dominant Characteristics: Has attained wisdom because this person always questions him/herself and life anew. Is connected with the deepest depths. Recognizes the lessons that are inherent in difficult situations. May have a charismatic quietness and a charismatic silence. Through these qualities, this person can influence a situation very positively. But it is a pleasure to talk to this person. Has a realistic evaluation of one’s own abilities. Can receive and listen very well, therefore is able to give (for example, listening can give support to other people). Has developed a strong presence.


Possible Challenge Aspects: May give too much without being aware that overexertion is the result. Pays too much attention to other people’s opinions and therefore, feels fragmented and disconnected. A tendency to hide one’s own qualities. Finds it difficult to share what weighs heavily on the mind, which is, above of all, unshed tears.


Spiritual Level: Inspires feelings of peace. Frees from limitations. Help keep the inner light burning - that is, maintains the awareness that something is living inside that can never be destroyed.


Mental Level: Brings the roots of unconscious suffering to awareness, thereby helping this person become free from that suffering. Makes it easier to question oneself and gives support to achieve positive, growth-facilitating results.


Emotional Level: Calms exaggerated impulsiveness. Helps to express on the emotional level.


Where to Apply the Substance: Where to Apply the Substance: 

Around the throat and neck.


Affirmation: I am free from all limitations, obstacles and distractions.


Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Master Set. 

B60 Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin

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