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Colour: Violet/Red, shakes together as Magenta


Keynote: Transformation in relation to the physical world.  Spiritual energy and action. 



Chakra: Root & Crown 

Main Theme: Head in Heaven - Feet on Earth


Dominant Characteristics: Is very interested in transformation on many levels. Has "the head in heaven and the feet on earth." Knows where he/she is and what his/her destination is. Dreams are fulfilled because this person knows what needs to be done to fulfil them. Has progressive ideas and a very positive, passionate side. Loves freedom. Is very clear and able to awaken him/herself and others. Has no problems with material matters.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Can often get caught up in destructive feelings. May brood too much, resulting in difficulties, predominantly, with material matters. Holds onto frustration out of which all kinds of problems can arise. Can have a heightened sense of self-worth.


Spiritual Level: Brings spirituality to earth, practical with high ideals and a strong will to understand. Stimulates the energy that is needed to provide service to the world. Can support people who feel exhausted by their leadership 'duties'.


Mental Level: Encourages fulfilment, productivity, and renewed energy. Improves the image one has of oneself. Can help to bring mental clarity.


Emotional Level: Assists in transforming negatively perceived emotions into something constructive - for example, into discipline. Brings a sense of distance so that reaction can be transformed into action.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the lower abdomen and along the hairline.


Affirmation: I know where I am, and I know where I am going. I trust the centre of my being


Distinctive Qualities: None

B65 Head In Heaven Feet On Earth

SKU: 65
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