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Colour: Blue/Violet, shakes together as Royal Blue


Keynote: Peace and faith, spiritual discernment.  Spiritual teacher, intuitive. 



Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, & Crown

Main Theme: Peace and spiritual understanding


Dominant Characteristics: A person who can get along with other people extremely well. Can concentrate well and is patient. A very warm person who helps others with their transformation. Is able to express himself well. This person’s relationships can be very dynamic and unconventional, which also applies to friendships and relationships formed at work. A bringer and communicator of peace.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Talks without thinking. Does not reveal feelings. A loner who does not know how to get along with other people. Even as an adult, this person behaves like an adolescent. Can have difficulties with the authority principle. Cannot express spirituality. Pretends to be brave even when very afraid.


Spiritual Level: Can support transformation processes. Brings concentration and peace into spiritual problems. Helps gain clarity about ideals, and then brings about the ability to express them better.


Mental Level: Gives structure to thought before it is expressed. Assists in understanding and seeing beyond convention and in the formulation of a personal philosophy. Promotes the ability to plan and organize and to make ideas acceptable in groups.


Emotional Level: Connects to a more realistic view in the emotional area.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the throat and along the hairline.


Affirmation: I am able to complete that which needs completing so that I amy see a new beginning.



Distinctive Qualities: None 


B68 Gabriel

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