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Colour: Yellow/Green, shakes together as Olive


Keynote: A joyful heart and love of nature. Uplifting


Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus 


Main Theme: This bottle represents a "Test of Faith". So the main theme is confidence and vision to persist against the odds. A sense of joy, space and direction.


Dominant Characteristics: For this person, belief and faith can be a life theme. A pioneer, an idealist, a philosopher who is able to share his knowledge. Possesses inner space, clarity and strength.


Possible Challenge Aspects: A disillusioned seeker. An egocentric who acts against his or her own principles. Is not honest with him or herself and knows it deep within, but continues this self-deception.


Spiritual Level: Can help one to attain inner wisdom, and to establish a connection with the inner intuition. This combination relates to spiritual unfoldment for the disillusioned seeker.


Mental Level: May help with decision making and may reduce exaggerated speculation and introspection. Addresses all space-issues. This is an excellent "make up your mind" combination. It brings wisdom to remove obstacles from one's path and finding a clear direction.


Emotional Level: This is about the possibility to release the blocking emotions which in turn leads to joy. It has been helpful in overcoming jealousy and envy. Can bring calmness in the emotional side of life to move forward with courage even in a difficult situation (green). Can bring wisdom (yellow) into that situation so you move forward into resolution.


Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere between the heart and solar plexus area taking care to apply around the entire girth of the body on that band.


Affirmation: I have no limits apart from those I set for myself.


Distinctive Qualities: None.





主题:快乐的心和对大自然的热爱。令人 振奋




















B7 The Garden Of Gesthemane

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