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Colour: Blue/Orange, shakes together as Emerald Green


Keynote: Communication and nurturing to release traumas of the past. 


Chakra: 2nd & Throat 

Main Theme: To free the "sad clown"


Dominant Characteristics: Knows one`s own emotional needs, whereby a sense of independence has been reached. Is in contact with their own instincts. Speaks from the depths of one`s own experience, thereby touching others. Insights and instincts truly come from deep within. Has a lot of humor, the ability to laugh at oneself. The ability to step aside repeatedly and thus, constantly view things anew.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Leans towards relationships where there is a sense of dependency. May have difficulty letting in and expressing feelings. A lack of humor.


Spiritual Level: Stimulates insight and deep happiness. Aids the user in expressing their inner truth. Can connect the individual with true humility.


Mental Level: Allows for an understanding of mental processes. Makes it easier to differentiate whether the "little ego" or the higher self is speaking.


Emotional Level: Helps one to feel which personality aspect is on the surface, so there is greater observation and discernment. Enables the user to care for his/her own emotional needs and express them. The ability to laugh at oneself or at situations in life.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.



Affirmation: I honour the child within me and knpwthat child can enter the kingdom of heaven. 


B72 The Clown/Pagliacci

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