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Colour - Pale Yellow/Pale Green, shakes together as Pale Green


Keynote: Overcoming fears to find your direction.  Joy in the heart.


Chakra: Solar Plexus & Heart 

Main Theme: To bring clarity into difficult situations


Dominant Characteristics: Can be a happy, cheerful, kind person who is concerned about harmony and balance, as well as about finding the meaning of life. Speaks the truth even if this could get him/her into trouble. Has no prejudices and, therefore, gives a lot of warmth to other people. Believes love to be the elixir of life. Is connected and in harmony with personal feelings.


Possible Challenge Aspects: A person with a great need of attention and recognition. Finds the emotional side of life disappointing. Feels his/her shortcomings acutely. Possibly difficulties to share time or experiences with other people. Cannot express feelings. A tendency to judge and condemn others.


Spiritual Level: Connects the user with deepest knowledge and with what is true for him/her. Helps truly recognize the self. As such, this person comes to know what can be done regarding progression on the spiritual path in a practical way. Promotes spiritual generosity - for example, helps understand that there are many different ways that lead to God.


Mental Level: Stimulates increased self-understanding and a reduction of self-criticism, but nevertheless, allows the user to see what needs to be changed. Helps to be more discriminating.


Emotional Level: Can clear patterns on this level from the past. Shines a light on them so that they can be worked on. Assists in overcoming disappointment, as well as anticipation irritations, especially in matters of the heart.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the heart and solar plexus area.


Affirmation: The journey or the process is the Way which is also the goal.


B74 Triumph

SKU: 74
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