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Colour: Magenta/Turquoise, shakes together as Magenta


Keynote: Helping to see things differently and go with the flow.


Chakra: All chakras 

Main Theme: Go with the Flow


Dominant Characteristics: The gift of being able to think "outside of the box" and the ability to share unique perspectives with others and be understood (all qualities of the Turquoise Ray). Further, the Magenta compliments these skills by affording a real eye for detail and perfection (the Divine beauty in all things - big and small). Is capable of "seeing" the overall make-up of any given situation. Whatever these people decide to do, they do it masterfully with energy, strength and courage.


Possible Challenge Aspects: A tendency to be blocked about the own truth which can lead to feeling like a victim. Often a high degree of despair. A predisposition to seeing the painful challenge in a situation instead of the call to growth that is being presented, therefore resentment that is held deeply within. This can overshadow the great love they are capable of and drive people away.


Spiritual Level: This combination can assist with optimizing talents and overcoming illusions as it opens one to the revelation and acceptance of one's ultimate purpose. Once the way is clear to recognize what one wants to accomplish for oneself spiritually, it can be realized.


Mental Level: Allows for the user to feel less victimized. As it relays information from the subconscious into the conscious, it calms the intellect.


Emotional Level: Connects the consciousness with hidden resentment for the purposes of balancing, and supports coping with and working on love issues. It also facilitates the user in being able to talk about their feelings.


Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere on the body.


Affirmation: My aim is to see life anew with love

B75 Go With The Flow

SKU: 75
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