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Colour: Violet/Deep Magenta, shakes together as Deep Magenta


Keynote: Supportive of grief.  Transformation.  Sense of inner security.  


Chakra: Crown

Main Theme: The full power from above comes to earth to help humanity


Dominant Characteristics: Can be a spiritual person who has recognized and accepted one`s life purpose and vocation. Has also recognized that life is Divine and is the greatest teacher, especially regarding matters of the heart. As this person’s greatest gift, he/she possesses an indestructible will. Attention to the little things in life - the greatest service for the world. A great transforming combination.


Possible Challenge Aspects: May carry deep grief inside which calls for its release. A difficulty looking at one`s own shadow. May have experienced extreme losses and gains in life. Feels very experienced and, therefore, may have a lack of freshness. The spiritual life can be completely overshadowed by matters of the material world.


Spiritual Level: Helps understand the laws of karma. Focuses and brings concentration in meditation and prayer. Enables the understanding that deepest satisfaction is attained through service. Can help to stimulate the Third Eye.


Mental Level: Brings realization of the conditions we create ourselves by the programming of our unconscious. Because of the dawning of consciousness, which this substance introduces, facilitates a letting go of unwanted patterns. Helps to transform patterns on this level.


Emotional Level: Brings joy back into life after a period of grieving. Can support deep work with the inner. Helps with over sensitivity in all grief situations, as well as with transitions of all kind.


Where to Apply the Substance: Along the hairline, possibly also around the throat and neck, on the Third Eye, and the vertebrae at the head.


Affirmation: I invite the vastness of spirit and it's luminosity into all the areas of life where previously I have not seen it. 


Distinctive Qualities: This bottle was the first to be born after Vicky Wall’s death. It is also called "Divine Rescue".

B78 Crown Rescue

SKU: 78
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