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Colour: Yellow / Blue  Shakes together as Green 


Keynote: Joyful communication.  Peace within.


Chakra: Heart & Throat


Main Theme: Discrimination. The possibility to recognize what is of true value in a situation. The ability to bring ones attention and feeling into focus on the essence of life. Communication within, knowledge and wisdom.



Dominant Characteristics: Can indicate an excellent sense for time, balance, justice, and linear order, as well as a distinctive feeling for equality (of all people, all spiritual traditions, etc.). May know the laws of life and the consequences if they are (not) followed. May reflect the ability to teach and other outstanding abilities in management, control, and organization. A person who knows him/herself. A joy and knowledge for life. Joyful communication based on the peace within the depth.



Possible Challenge Aspects: May be busy with superficial chatter because of lacking depths and peace in the depth. Cannot realize the joy in life. Possesses strong prejudices and ideas on how life should be. Does not trust the process of life and may become dictative.



Spiritual Level: Can help us to see the spaciousness and wisdom of love as the one and only force in our lives of any true value. Nourishment on a deep level can bring clarity and joy on the spiritual path.



Mental Level: May facilitate the process of getting to know oneself and becoming clear about plans for the future. It can be useful in offering some wisdom to find the right direction and peace within the depths. Can have a relaxing effect to overactive mind-activities - where do I go, what can I do etc.



Emotional Level: May help in the release of unpleasant feelings and may help one to integrate confusing emotional memories or messages. We can learn the value of practicing what we wish to see manifest in our lives. We may learn that we sow the seed of the future by our practice moment to moment. We get what we expect.



Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.



Affirmation: In this moment, here and now, I am open to the possibility of change. 



Distinctive Qualities: None.






主题:快乐的沟通。 内心的和平。


脉轮:心 + 喉



心理水平:可以促进了解自己和明确未来计划的过程。它有助于提供一些智慧,在深渊中寻找正确的方向与和平。可以有一个放松的效果,过度活跃的头脑活动 - 我去哪里,我能做什么等。

B8 Anubis

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