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Colour: Green/Orange, shakes together as Olive Green


Keynote: The space to connect with the insight from within, deep bliss from the heart. 


Chakra: 2nd & Heart 

Main Theme: Overcoming deep emotional situations


Dominant Characteristics: A person who might have accumulated a lot of wisdom from the past and can apply it to today’s circumstances. May possess a high level of emotional clarity. Receives deep insights and can share them. Is also connected to the flow of one`s own emotions. Knows the direction where to go. Trusts the feeling of happiness and joy within.


Possible Challenge Aspects: A disillusioned seeker who is still shaken by a profound emotional situation. An egocentric who acts against one`s own principles and who is dishonest from him/herself. Can be afraid to express the truth. In general, is possessed by a deep, unspeakable irritation.


Spiritual Level: Releases past spiritual conflicts. Creates space to attain new joy and insights. Promotes a new beginning that may result in a very profound change.


Mental Level: Can help in releasing deep irritations.


Emotional Level: Brings about emotional clarity, happiness, and joy.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.


Affirmation: I am open to the possibility of making a neew decision that will bring clarity to a new direction.


B82 Calypso

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