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Colour: Turquoise/Gold, shakes together as Olive Green


Keynote: Creative communication balanced with deep wisdom. 


Chakra: 2nd, Solar Plexus, Heart & Ananda-Khanda (new heart Chakra) 

Main Theme: Heartfelt communications of the wisdom of the past - old wine in new bottles


Dominant Characteristics: A lperson who carries ancient wisdom within and formulates it for a New Aeon. This person has a strong vision for the future and possesses the resources to realize this vision. Likes to communicate with many, rather than a few, and is able to realize such communication. Shares knowledge. Understands in this context that the more (information) is given, the more (information) is received in return. Can pass on a deep feeling of happiness that enriches others. Begins to find true "inner gold" through creative expression.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Has difficulty in being in the present because of the deep irritations that are carried within from the past. Suppresses the own potential, or life seems to suppress this potential. A possible tendency to manipulate and exploit emotional and certain other situations to his/her own advantage, especially if they have to do with power.


Spiritual Level: Opens the door to ancient knowledge, which can be expressed through the heart, and which touches people. Releases the spiritual persecution from the past; therefore, the creative potential can be expressed.


Mental Level: Stimulates the release of deep confusion, as well as an understanding of what this confusion is about. People can find an inner balance with this substance. A joy within a normal life; a state between extremes that brings contentment.


Emotional Level: Aids the user in understanding his/her own irritations and worries. Helps to be clearer with him/herself.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.


Affirmation: I am open to the wisdom that is revealing itself to me that I may share it from my heart

B83 Open Sesame

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