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Colour: Turquoise/Clear, shakes together as Pale Turquoise


Keynote: Helping creativity flow.  Expressing feelings to connect with the inner light. 


Chakra: Ananda-Khanda & Heart 

Main Theme: Expression of feelings. Creative communication of the heart in the service of light. Helps to move creative blocks. Inner illumination.


Dominant Characteristics: A person who truly expresses and lives creativity. Gives so much of what is there that the feeling of emptiness of clearmind arises. Emptiness in this context means that which is the important aim of some spiritual traditions. Has the ability to speak infront of other people. Also is able to communicate in nonverbal ways - for example, through artistic expression or through massage. May work with computers, and in this field, always finds solutions. Is in touch with the inner teacher.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Has not yet solved inner conflicts. Had to suppress many things in life. Has accumulated frustration about various matters, also about the inability to express feelings. An unability to cry the tears that about that these feelings have been sitting inside for along time. May not be able to express creativity or creativly.


Spiritual Level: Can help to open up to intuition. Enables this person to express one`s own light and to release deep blockages from the past, especially if they are related to the inability to speak about spiritual matters.


Mental Level: Helps to express feelings. Beneficial for the inability to deal with technical equipment and difficulties with foreign languages.#


Emotional Level: Can help in releasing problems with authority and creativity. Enables the user to release stored tears.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area.


Affirmation: I am a being of light, I am creative

B85 Titania Queen of Fairies

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