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Colour: Green/Blue, shakes together as Turquoise.


Keynote: Connecting to nature brings inner peace and calm. 


Chakra: Heart and Throat 

Main Theme: Love of nature - the communication from the depths of peace through one’s feelings


Dominant Characteristics: A person who might carry deep peace within and wants to share this feeling with others. Might be especially concerned with world harmony. Is in harmony with his/her feelings. A person who lives through creative expression. Has a sharp intellect, but also understands other people with the heart. Encourages others to grow and creates space for them to do so. Loves internal and external journeys. Follows the path of the heart and walks the (spiritual) way with clarity and determination.


Possible Challenge Aspects: Can have difficulties with the expression of truth and of emotions. May feel deceived, especially in matters of the heart. A tendency to hold on to high standards, and criticizes people who do not live up to their standards (this applies to all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional etc.).


Spiritual Level: Provides contact with the infinite aspects of the inner being. Places own truth into focus and helps to find peace.


Mental Level: Can release creative blocks. Helps to overcome mental conflicts related to the person’s own feelings, as well as those projected by others.


Emotional Level: Can be supportive with problems that have to do with the expression of one`s own feelings. Helps one to see what is emotionally true for oneself, and others. Can open to a place of love and understanding for nature. Helps to create the space necessary to regain balance.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area and around the throat and neck.


Affirmation: I allow the inner quality to manifest from within me in all the actions or inactions that I make.


B88 Jade Emperor

SKU: 88
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