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Helps to look at the shadow within and awaken to the possibility of a change of energy.  Marks a shift from focusing on the more creative aspects.  Also helps with the intuition and the spiritual being.  May help to overcome anger, frustration and resentment whilst utilizing energy and looking at opportunities in life.



How to use: To release the energies of the Equilibrium, shake the bottle vigorously with your left hand (the person who is applying the contents should be the one who shakes it.  If doing for someone else who cannot shake themselves, shake in right hand whilst making contact with them with your left hand) until the two liquid fractions mix together.  Pour some of the liquid into your right palm and apply it on your skin in a complete band around the body at the level of the Chakra(s) to which the colour(s) within the bottle relate or anywhere that you are drawn to.


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B89 Red/Deep Magenta Energy Rescue

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