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Colour: Pale Coral/Turquoise, shakes together as Deep Violet


Keynote: Letting go and communicating feelings. 


Chakra: 2nd, Heart & Ananda Khanda


Main Theme: Collective communication of love wisdom, deepest joy.


Dominant Characteristics: A person who loves aesthetics and beauty. One who is in touch with one`s own creativity and is able to express feelings. A person full of warmth and love. An independent free thinker who has found inner balance. Has opened up to be guided by the intuitive aspect. Someone who might be working in the mass media/communications field. A balanced person.


Possible Challenge Aspects: A un-centered person, who is easily irritated by many things, has two main issues in particular. One main thought is that what has been won in terms of inner peace will be lost again. Has difficulty expressing feelings and is, perhaps, using the feelings of others. A tendency of being dependant on others.


Spiritual Level: Helps the user get in touch with knowledge from the collective unconscious and from one`s own intuitive layers. Also supports the ability to make use of the insights that have been acquired by this, and express them.


Mental Level: What the substance is achieving on this level is identical to what it does on the spiritual level.


Emotional Level: Encourages the user to overcome great difficulties with issues of dependency, and codependency, and to gain independence. May inspire feelings of self-love. Helps integrate the male role model. May help with stage fright and other kinds of irritations that may occur with technical things like computers, airplanes etc.


Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.


Affirmation: I open myself to the universal truth.


Distinctive Qualities: Bottles # 92 and # 93 were practically born at the same time. They are very similar to each other. They have been named Gretel and Hansel, respectively, because the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale demonstrates an aspect of these bottles very well: they stand for the female aspect of the "inner child" (Gretel) who trusts in her intuition and overcomes her fear, pushing the witch into the oven; and the male aspect of the "inner child" (Hansel) who places his trust in the female aspect. He is therefore released and finds joy and happiness. 

B93 Hansel

SKU: 93
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