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Colour: Magenta/Gold, shakes together as Gold with flecks of Magenta


Keynote: Love from above helps to find the wisdom within.  Beauty and wisdom. 


Chakra: Solar Plexus to Crown 

Main Theme: The alignment of the soul consciousness or true aura with self


Dominant Characteristics: A person who has/is awakening to the light of wisdom and the clarity. To experience love and fulfillment. A time of change in relationships and intense emotional issues. Wisdom (gold) is the bridge that allows us to connect with Divine Love (magenta). Love and wisdom in its right place in life. This bottle symbolizes the "wake-up call" to the Christ Consciousness within each of us.


Possible Challenge Aspects: An unability to transcend the little things in themselves. Too much attention to the external world and not enough to the internal. A strong need to shift the focus to the home within, nurturing one’s own vehicle. Not being able to care for others because this person does not fully care for the self - the magenta energy. Unable to receive the feminine leadership and intuition. May not be living to their fullest integrity.


Spiritual Level: The awakening of the soul - vibrating and awakening the body through the chakras. The marriage of emotions and intellect. A message of hope.


Mental Level: Stops the tendency to externalized everything and therefore relate to everything in a masculine way. To learn to receive and a preparation for change.


Emotional Level: Supports when the changes all around generate huge irritation. Helps us to untangle and release frozen emotions in bringing an internal balance in the process of learning to live with the instability of change. Not suppressing or denying emotions but truly putting our negative states to rest - true stability.


Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere on the body (excellent as a body oil).


Affirmation: I receive the wisdom and love required to evolve to a higher good.


Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Archangel Set. 


B95 Archangel Gabriel

SKU: 95
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