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Keynote: Grounding with earth energies and strongly re-energising.


Fragrance: Earthy, Woodsy, Spicy


Essential Oils: Hypericum, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Clove


Crystal Energies: Tourmaline


Chakra: 1st/Root or Base Chakra (reproductive area)

Qualities: A grounding energy that may help us to be more connected with the earth; may also be helpful to restore and harmonise the base chakra and bring grounding after meditation, re-balancing work or extreme situations. Warming and energising, can have an aphrodisiac effect. May stimulate feminine intuition and protect the integrity of the aura during sacred rituals and use of crystals. May also help to deal with survival issues (money, health) in a more relaxed and practical way. Can be used in house or space clearing particularly as an air conditioner to help neutralise the energies of the environment.





香水: 泥土, 伍兹, 辣


精油: 超脂, 檀香木, 雪松木, 丁香







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