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Djwal Khul Quintessence Air Conditioner



Essential Oils*: Citronella, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Dalmation Sage, Lavender (*organic or bio-dynamically grown)

Crystal Energies: Emerald, Chrysoprase 

Aura-Soma Air Conditioners are created with a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals grown in biodynamic and organic environments, in a vegetable-derived organic alcohol solution. Each combination has been further enhanced with spagyric tinctures of crystals, and the highly potent Aura-Soma energising process. Each Air Conditioner contains varying concentrations of 49 herbal extracts (7 x 7 for the 7 sub-levels of the 7 chakras). Seven herbs relate to the specific colour of the Air Conditioner, and the other 42 herbs relate to the more subtle energies and potencies.



迪娃庫(Djwal Khu )·昆特森空调

精油*: 香茅, 迷 迭 香, 香丹参, 洋苏, 薰衣草 (*有机或生物动态生长)




Aura-Soma 空调是使用在生物动力学和有机环境中生长的精油和植物的独特混合物,在植物源性有机酒精溶液中创建的。每种组合都进一步增强了晶体的痉挛性药水,以及强大的Aura-Soma激励过程。每个空调都含有49种不同浓度的草本提取物(7个脉轮7亚级7个分量7个)。七种草药与空调的特定颜色有关,其他42种草药与更微妙的能量和效力有关。


Djwal Khul Quintessence Air Conditioner

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