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Keynote: The seeking of Truth for the sake of itself.


Essential Oils: Citronella, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Dalmation Sage, Lavender


Colour: Emerald Green


Equilibrium Association: B63 and the colour Emerald Green


Crystal Energies: Emerald, Chrysoprase


Qualities: Called the Seeker’s Master, this Quintessence helps to search for objective truth beyond the subjectivity of the seeker. Helps to balance inner and outer space and to stimulate the colour ray of green within the major chakras, providing a cloak of protection and space for the heart so that truth and purpose may be revealed. May help to bring an understanding of rhythms, laws and patterns of nature, as well as the celestial and earth sciences of astrology and geomancy. May also help to discern and balance an intuitive sense of space beyond Earth.





精油: 香茅, 玫瑰色, 克拉里圣人, 达米西圣人, 薰衣草




平衡关联: B63 和颜色翡翠绿色








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