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Keynote:'Purification and New Beginnings


Essential Oils: Frankincense, Bay, Ylang Ylang, Bitter Orange, Lemon, Rose


Colour: Clear


Equilibrium Association: B54 and Clear, which contains all colours


Crystal Energies: Opal, Clear Quartz


Qualities: This quintessence represents the light which brings clarity and a new understanding of karma as an opportunity for renewal. Through a willingness to dis-identify with the conditions of the past, we may be freed into the present where our purposes for being here are illuminated. May help to cleanse and clear inner and outer space and to protect, harmonise and seal the aura, and to cleanse and purify the space between clients. Amplifies the use of other Aura-Soma substances. Can be used for energetic cleansing of crystals and accessing the information they hold, as well as attuning to stellar energies and the Truth and Wisdom from above. When using Serapis Bey it is best to apply the pink energy as well. The compassion, caring and self acceptance offered by the pink pomander or Lady Nada Quintessence can help to bring ease to the penetrative qualities of the light.





精油: 乳香, 海湾, 伊兰伊朗, 苦橙, 柠檬, 玫瑰




平衡关联:B54 和透明,包含所有颜色




品质:这种精髓代表的光,它带来了清晰和对业力作为更新机会的新理解。通过愿意对过去的情况进行认同,我们可以被解放到我们在这里的目的被照亮的今天。有助于清洁和净化内部和外部空间,保护、协调并密封光环,并净化和净化客户之间的空间。禁止使用其他Aura-Soma物质。可用于对晶体进行能量净化和获取它们持有的信息,以及从上面调谐到恒星能量和真理与智慧。使用Serapis Bey时,最好也应用粉红色的能量。粉红的花花公子或娜达·昆特森夫人所提供的慈悲、关怀和自我接受,有助于减轻光的渗透性品质。


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