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Keynotes: Brings in the light of clear perception and the energy of renewal.


Fragrance: Medicinal, Warm, Stimulating


Essential Oils: Calendula, Bergamot, Cypress, Wintergreen, Lavender, Myrrh


Crystal Energies: Opal, Clear Quartz


Chakra: All 7 chakras


Qualities: The original Pomander formula with all 49 (7x7) herbs in equal balance, relating to the 7 sub-levels of each of the 7 chakras. Can help to cleanse, protect and realign the whole chakra system which includes the aura and electromagnetic field; relates to the entire colour spectrum and brings in light and renewal. A good everyday Pomander for overall personal protection and freshening, as well as for practitioners and clients. Can also be used to clear and clean crystals. As an air conditioner it may help to clear, protect and enhance personal and group environments with positive energies.




香气: 药用, 温暖, 刺激






脉轮: 所有 7 脉轮




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